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March 18, 2018


Traditional glitter is made from tiny pieces of PVC or PET plastic, called microplastics. This phrase might be familiar because microbeads, another type of microplastic common in cosmetics, were banned in Canada in November of 2017.

An article published by @greenpeace sums it up perfectly:
"…microbeads are too small to be filtered out by regular water treatment plants, they are travelling out into aquatic environments where they are doing enormous damage to numerous species large and small."

Microbeads are ingested by wildlife and they also absorb other toxins present in aquatic environments. The combination means animals eating poison pills, which get eaten by other animals, and other animals, and other animals resulting in an increasing toxic load being passed up the food chain. And some of species in the foodchains end up on people’s dinner plates.

Greenpeace recently released a report that lays out the science on the impact of microplastics, including microbeads, on our oceans and our seafood. The findings will make your stomach turn.

Meanwhile on the freshwater front, research conducted by the 5 Gyres Institute found concentrations averaging 466,000 beads per square kilometre near cities in the Great Lakes, an average of 43,000 beads per square kilometre in the Great Lakes, presenting a significant opportunity for interaction with wildlife.

By now we’ve all likely seen the image of the dead bird with a stomach full of plastic, and sadly that’s not even the half of it.” – Read the FULL ARTICLE HERE 


I started to read articles about festivals banning glitter at their events and the super sparkly Sam I Am wanted to cry unicorn tears. As a burner who tries to their best to make better decisions to help prolong the life of this beautiful planet I agreed with everything I was reading. But as a girly girl who also happens to be a glitter loving circus monkey, I knew I had to find an alternative to my beloved glitter collection.

Chunky Biodegradable Glitter on Girls Cheeks from Green Glitter Canada

I literally did a happy dance when biodegradable glitter made it’s way into the media and HAD to get my paws on some ASAP!!

It’s made from Eucalyptus from sustainably sourced farms that is processed into a cellulose (thin film like seaweed), then colored using food grade dyes and ultra fine bits of Aluminum for that sparkle.

It contains lower levels of heavy metals than traditional glitter, and zero antimony – a byproduct of polyester which can be as high as 150ppm in traditional plastic glitter.

This plant based glitter is made in the UK, is compostable, digestible by microrganismins, and biodegrades in sea water in accordance with the standard ASTM D7081-05. It is gluten free, vegan, and cruelty free.



Fine Purple Biodegradable Glitter on Eye - Beetlejuice Halloween Make Up
@diamond.wise using Biodegradable Glitter for her Beetlejuice Inspired Halloween Make Up

I have heard horror stories of people who have scratched corneas after a german sparkle party make up application gone wrong, and someone I know legit has glitter stuck in the back of their eyeball, but never really considered the SIZE of the sparkle to be the culprit. 

I know some glitter is more irritating when I try to take it off of my eyes after a show but I just figured that was my super sensitive skin doing its thing…

Turns out fine glitter of 150 microns (0.1524 mm/0.006 in) is the largest size of gradual that isn’t harmful if it gets into your eye.

Over half of my glitter collection was over double that size... OOOOPS

All of this information hit me like a giant glitter bomb.


I knew I had to get this stuff over to Canada to make it easier for my flowmies, and all of the sparkle ponies in my life, to get off the microplastics train!

Diamond & I decided to go through the red tape to import this beautiful new alternative to Canada and now we are excited to share with the world as our private label, biodegradable Green Glitter! 

Green Glitter Canada's 2018 Collection of Biodegradable Glitter

It's still a flowmie product, we just decided to give it a dedicated website for all the normies who keep asking about it. (: 



• Highly reflective and precision cut glitter, it’s shape gives ultimate glam.
• Eucalyptus Cellulose is 40% softer than plastic so it is more comfortable to wear.
• Applied the same way as traditional PET based glitters based on your desired effect.


• Biodegradable base film made from sustainably sourced Eucalyptus Cellulose.
• Safe for composting at home & industrially.
• Suitable for anaerobic digestion & breaks down in sea water.
• Non GM ingredients that are renewable raw materials.
• Recyclable packaging.

@isabellahoops let me cover her in Rockstar Green Glitter for her Mermaid photo shoot in Jamaica! 


• Prime the area with your favorite gel, cream, oil or water base then sprinkle, blow or dab on for maximum sparkle.
• Try dabbing onto body with wet brush, mix with lotion/cream, or try one of your favorite glitter primers.
• Health Canada and the FDA does not approve the use of glitter larger than 0.08 microns around the eye, or products containing traces of aluminum safe for use around the mouth. Do so at your own risk!
• Great for guilt free face painting and body art, for soap making and bath bombs, for nail art and crafting. 


• Our FINE Green Glitter is the largest size deemed safe for use around the eye. 
• Our BODY blends contain several larger sizes and look beautiful and mega reflective on the body!
• Our DIME BAGS contain 0.5g of green glitter. (10+ applications on a pair of eyes or 1-3 body applications). 
• Our DIAMOND JARS contain 2gs of green glitter (4 x the amount of a DIME BAG).

Gold chunky biodegradable body glitter ROCKSTAR by Green Glitter Canada


Shop the Green Glitter Collection Here. 

NOTE: COLORS DISPLAY DIFFERENT ON EVERY SCREEN - we do our best to capture them as accurately as possible in our photos:

Biodegradable Fine Glitter - Bronze, Dark Rainbow, Clear, and Black


Biodegradable Fine Green Glitter Blues and Silvers
Fine Biodegradable Green Glitter Golds and Purples
Fine Biodegradable Craft Glitter from Canada Reds Pinks & Golds
Biodegradable Chunky Body Glitter Pinks, Rainbow and Greens
Biodegradable Chunky Body Glitter - Metallic, Gold, Silver and Blues


I know you are going to love wearing Green Glitter as much as we do!

Lots of Love

- Sam Aubade aka Zazzle Aphrocat