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Bandana - 6 Colors of Bamboo | Fully Customizable w Hair Clips/Ties


Fully Customizable Bandana's made of the most breathable fabric in the world - BAMBOO! When you have to wear it during a dust storm or those dusty bike rides you won't feel like your being suffocated. 

This Bandana is READY TO SHIP. However, if you want to add any of our suggested mods we are happy to customize this Bandana just for you! Some popular mods are:

  • Cotton Ties -  to keep them secure to your head
  • Hair Extension Clips - really handy for our fire spinning flowmies who wear them to keep their hair covered to secure your bandana to your hair.
  • Rhinestones - add some bling
  • Sequins/Finge - Always handy for those extra blingin' outfits that aren't going to be near open flames. 
  • Silk Screen YOUR image - the possibilities are endless.

Can be made any size, but standard is 15" - 17" squared which is smaller than typical bandanas. This means your have less fabric hanging around your neck on those 100+ days in the desert. 

Group Rates are available if you are planning a themed outfit with some flowmies. Send us an email at or 

Reach out for custom inquiries! 

We can't wait to hear about what you are dreaming up!