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What's a Flowmie?

Flowmie /flow-menoun

1. a person with a mutual bond of affection for the state of flow and embraces the therapeutic freedom of self expression through movement.

2. a familiar face with frequent interactions in a shared space to enter a flow state, including but not limited to dance floors, stages, festivals and burning man events. 

Flowmie 2018 Festival Collection

Flowmie was originally started by Canadian Performance Artist Sam @aubadestarlet in 2014 under the name Free Aphrodite. She started out creating beautiful costume pieces for local flow artists & belly dancers who convinced her to post her designs online so others could find her.

Her etsy shop took off, and festival goers, burners, and performers from all over the world hired her to create new designs to help them feel more confident and comfortable while dancing.

After migrating to Toronto, and attending Burning Man in 2017 as a fire performer inside the great circle, she was inspired by all of the beautiful flowmies she connected with during that experience. 

She realized her growing collection wasn't just for femme identifying performers needing to "express their inner goddess", but that it naturally had evolved to a brand loved by dancers, festival goers and burners who all shared one thing, a love of the state of flow.  

She decided to partner up with her BFF (Best Flowmie Forever) also a Canadian Performance Artist, Erin @diamond.wise to work on creating a brand that was more inclusive of ALL of the people who adored her style and Flowmie was born.

This dream team continues to be inspired by all of their flowmies, and are constantly innovating and adding to their collection based on the ideas and suggestions of others. If you are dreaming of something you haven't been able to find, reach out on your favourite social site, or drop us a line.


See you on the dance floor,

- Zazzle & Diamond Aphrocat 

Zazzle & Diamond Aphrocat